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Product: Wealthy Affiliate


Owners: Kyle and Carson

Price: $0 a month for the FREE membership. Premium membership is $49 a month.

Who is it for: Anyone who wants to make money online.

Verdict: 9.8/10


What is Wealthy Affiliate?


Wealthy Affiliate is a platform for, both, beginners and experts, to start a business online with Internet Marketing. It has been around since 2005. With Wealthy Affiliate you have tutorials, live chat, easy step-by-step videos on exactly how to create your online business, etc.

Most importantly, it’s got all the support and tools that you need.

You will find everything that is related to Online Marketing inside the community:
◾Email marketing
◾Content Marketing
◾Video marketing
◾Affiliate marketing
◾PPC campaigns
◾SEO ranking
◾Keyword research

That is why it is also referred to as the Wealthy Affiliate University!

Wealthy Affiliate – Legit or Scam?


This is a real legit business online. All the knowledge and techniques taught are real and is exactly the way successful Online Marketers are making money online today.

If you follow all the steps and do all the tasks given to you then you vastly increase the chances to succeed.


This is definitely the best place to start building your online success.


Can Anyone Do This?



Whether you are a beginner or expert, student or on pension, professional or businessperson.

As long as you have a computer with internet connection, if you just follow the step-by-step training you will make money, no doubt about that.


Wealthy Affiliate Training

There is so much training on ALL the ways to make money online that if you don´t know where to start you will get lost. That is why it is made very clear from the start, where to go, to learn the basics.

Start with the Online Certification Course


There are 5 levels of courses. Every level has 10 (step-by-step) lessons inside. The lessons consist of videos, tasks, and priceless training that will show you exactly how you can start making money in whatever niche you want!

Yes, you can build your income around ANYTHING you want!

The training is given in a Very easy-to-understand manner, by one of the owners (Kyle) and it is impossible not to follow!



You also got classrooms, There are 13 classrooms inside Wealthy Affiliate. Each classroom is packed with over 10,000 tutorials, videos, courses, etc. You can find and learn exactly what you need.


Live Webinars


Every Friday there is a live webinar with an expert member (Jay). He teaches techniques that nobody is telling you. Famous Internet gurus don´t share their secrets to people, at least not for free. Jay is sharing this with you for free every week. If you watch live you will also be able to ask your questions directly to Jay.


If you miss the live webinars you can always see the replay of the video whenever you want over and over again.


Wealthy Affiliate Support


The support is simply AWESOME! Whatever question you ask will get an answer within an hour if not in minutes.


Live Q&A


You can ask whatever question you might have at any time (day or night). WA’s got members (over 400,000) all over the world and they WILL help you! This has also got to be, one of the few places where you can actually contact the owners and they respond back to you! These are priceless benefits.


Live Chat


Just like with the Q&A there is a 24/7 live chat, just jump in to ask your questions, or to discuss something.


Wealthy Affiliate Tools


You will get ALL the tools you will ever need to make money online. Here are some of the things you get at WA.


◾Website Hosting
◾Keyword Tool
◾Keyword List
◾Link Tracking
◾Rapid Writer


These are some of the tools and as you go forward in the lessons there will be more tools to discover and you will get everything explained.


The Wealthy Affiliate Community


This is actually what surprised me the most with WA. People inside the community are so friendly and helpful, I just couldn´t believe it!


I doubt you have ever experienced such helpful and friendly people in an Online community before (especially if you are in a competing niche with them).


However, there is no spamming and you are not allowed to promote anything at all inside the community.


But make sure to enjoy the community, meet new people, ask questions and have fun there!


Who Are The Owners?


The owners are Kyle and Carson; 2 normal down to earth guys, who had a brilliant idea to create all this and they made it happen.
Wealthy Affiliate Owners

Wealthy Affiliate Owners Kyle and Carson

They truly care about and help their members! You can send them private messages whenever you want and they will answer you. I am certain that it is this helpfulness on their part, which is the main reason for WA being such a great place and separates from the other programs online.


Maybe you have tried other programs? You have probably noticed that the owners never contact you or help you. Maybe you get a welcome mail at best, or they only contact you as soon as you stop paying. But other than that they will just ignore you, right?


Kyle and Carson are NOT like that! AT ALL!


They want you to succeed, guess that is how you stay in a business for the long run (WA has been around since 2005).




There are 2 types of memberships:
Free Membership $0 (as long as you want)
◾Premium Membership $49/Month (as long as you want), (NO upsells!)


I suggest you start with the free membership to try things out first, that is exactly what I did. Even as a Starter member you will get 7 days of Premium access.


Then if you decide to get more serious about things you can upgrade exactly whenever you want. If you do not wish to upgrade you can stay as a free member for the rest of your life. But if you are looking to really succeed Online you will quickly realise how important it is to upgrade to Premium.


Remember! You get 7 days of Premium access even as a Starter member just to try it out so you can make an informed decision about going Premium. No Cards Required unless you choose to go Premium.


You won´t find any program online that offers you that much for $0 FREE. Many paid ones don´t even offer those things that you will get for $0 from WA.


The free starter membership is perfect for starting up your business and you can also make money from the free starter membership, but the more you start to grow and improve the more you are gonna want to upgrade to the Premium one. It is of course up to you.


Below you can see the difference between the 2 memberships:

Click here for your $0 FREE membership and get started right away!


Restricted Countries!


Important to mention here is that pretty much all countries in the world are able to sign up as a free member but there are a few that don´t have that option. This is (according to the owners) because there is a lot of spam (or fraud) from these countries. However people from these countries CAN join WA if they are really serious about learning from WA but they have to join as premium members directly. Those countries are:



If you are from any of the countries above you will not be able to join the free membership option, but if you are serious about this you can join the premium membership. Click here to join the premium membership.


Also important to mention: You can at any time cancel your membership of course.


How Much Money Can You Make With Wealthy Affiliate?


How much money you can make? There is no limit on how much you can make, it is all up to you. It depends on your effort. Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with all the knowledge, step-by-step guide and tools. But the effort and time are up to you to get the result.


That is what will determinate your success; at least how fast you will reach it.


Because the truth is that when your business is setup and done, you are not going to need to work much at all, because you have literally created a money making “machine” that pretty much works on auto-pilot!


There are members who work every day (only a few hours), others work a few days a week and some only twice a week. Everyone has different goals, of course, maybe you just want to make some extra cash on the side? Maybe you want to be able to make a full-time income from this? Maybe you want to make a lot or even get rich from this?


It depends on you. Some members are making $100+ a week, some $1000+ a month and others $10,000+ a month and some are making even MORE!


Why You Should Join Wealthy Affiliate


I don´t see any reason why you should not join WA (if you want to make money online of course). You will get everything you need and learn how to build your online business that will lead to financial freedom if you just follow the steps. There is no program out there that can even compare to what WA offers (at least not what I know about), if you know of a better option please tell me in the comment section, I would love to hear that 🙂


Final Words and Verdict


Verdict: LEGIT!


Overall rating: 9.8/10


This is an amazing program and hundred percent legit. There is no more honest, truly helpful and trustworthy place out there. You will understand that yourself very fast inside the program.


You won´t find anything fake about the place, no fancy cars, no mansions, false promises of overnight success, click one button and become a millionaire, etc… None of the BS!


WA is the reason I can make money online and never get scammed again. I promise that you will never get scammed again to if you become a member, because you will see how a real and legit program works and then everything will start to fall in place about the online world.


I will never cancel my membership, I am in this for the long haul and I am so happy that I found this place. I am so grateful to the owners and also the members of WA, without their help I would still be dreaming about knowing how to make money online that really works.


I hope this review of the Wealthy Affiliate has helped you to understand what it is all about. The year is 2016 when I write this review. If you start now you can decide where you will be in the coming years financially.


Only you can make your own future! So take action now! Click the link below.




Thank you for reading!


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