Online Jobs For College Students

Online Jobs for College Students

 Online Jobs for College students



Internet or Online space is the best avenue for students to earn an extra income today. Part time Online Jobs for college students are many, like Data Entry, Paid to Click Ads, Surveys, Virtual Assistant, Transcribing, Online Tutor, etc.


However, if you are looking to make a career and earn some serious money then the best option is Affiliate Marketing!


Education costs are rising out of control and running students into debt. I am not sure if this will ever be dealt with in the future, given the inflating cost of getting an education.


Let’s look at a typical education cost in the US:
Online Jobs for College students


You go to school for 4 years. You spend the next year trying to get a job. And after all of this and 4 years of hard work, the average “student” does NOT have a JOB.  After 5 years you still have $0 in income.


Say that you do get a job of $50,000 p.a.; a decent paying entry level job. You will use that money to pay off your debt for many years not to mention barely paying the bills and hardly support a family (perhaps you will have to get a second job).


Don’t forget, conventional education prices only continue to go up.  According to, since 1995 college tuition prices have gone up an astounding 498%, where normal consumer inflation (food/gas/clothing) during the same period was only 114%.


This is a REALITY…there is nothing hypothetical about this.


Universities and Colleges continue to increase their prices however the opportunities coming out of the school with the “manufactured” degree only becomes worse and worse.


I could hit you with some more bad statistics, but instead I am going to “show you the light” of what can be accomplished with very little investment.


Let’s compare this to Wealthy Affiliate, the world’s most elite, advanced, and helpful platform & community for building a business online.


This will give you access to the most powerful platform (training, tools, live video classes, websites, hosting, classrooms, live help, 24/7 access to experts) for entrepreneurs anywhere in the world.


Not just that, you will be earning while you learn!


As you build out your business online, you will be building an income. By year 1 you could very well be on the way to full time (as many people are) and set-up for a long term, very scalable business. For an investment of only $49/month or $359/year, No Upsells! At all.


Wealthy Affiliate Premium is the only all-inclusive platform in the industry, and offers you the absolute highest level of quality in all of the services.


All the training, all the expert coaching/mentoring, all the live classes, all the tools, all the websites, all the hosting, all the community…and you can do so from wherever you have access to an Internet connection.


You can work from your home, a coffee shop, on the other side of the world, on your phone…anywhere that you are connected.


But That’s Not All! You can join Wealth Affiliate Free for the first 7 days covering 10 lessons. No Cards Required!


Have a good look around before making the decision to pay for it. Your 10 free lessons will include: 1. Niche selection, 2. Creating a Free website, 3. Getting your website ready for SEO and indexing in Google, 4. Keyword Research, and 5. Creating Quality Content.


Only after all of that will you have to pay should you decide to continue as a Premium member.

Wealthy Affiliate is the Industry Leader in terms of Education.


Every SECOND there are people getting help within WA.


Every MINUTE there are new discussions being created.


Every DAY there are brand new training tutorials and videos being added.


Every WEEK premium members get access to pure value, promotion free LIVE video classes.


Every MONTH there are brand new success stories being shared by WA members on how they earned commissions, met their financial goals, etc.


Every YEAR Wealthy Affiliate goes through many evolutions, gets many awesome upgrades and improvements, and continues to push through barriers of simplifying the way you create online businesses through education, through technology, and through support (2017 is going to be the most exciting year for members yet).


You DO NOT have to wait 4 years before you ever get “a chance” to use what you have learned.  You can start using the information you learn, NOW. You will be able to achieve ongoing success as you go through training and as you gain more experience.


Unlike Conventional “University”, YOU EARN While YOU LEARN!


Frankly, return on investment at Wealthy Affiliate is exponentially higher than any institutionalized source ANYWHERE.


If you want a real-time interactive and helpful education with real help from experts from all over the world, WA is the only source you need to achieve personal and financial success!


You can either be conventional (and spend $50000, on a piece of paper), or you can get with the times and spend $359 per year for an education that will lead to your inevitable success.


===> Solidify YOUR Success for ALL of 2017 for Only $359/year Today!


Right now, you have the greatest opportunity at your finger-tips to begin your own online business in whatever you choose it to be. By starting this now, you can have a successful career and financial security even before you graduate. Think of it as a graduation gift to yourself!



Don’t Delay, Join WA Free! By clicking here.


Wealthy Affiliate was created in 2005 by two young and successful internet marketers who met in a Computer Science class in college. They knew there was a way to make a full time income online by just blogging and promoting the products that they personally enjoy using. Then one day they decided to join forces and create their own all-inclusive online training community. Meet Kyle and Carson!
Online Jobs for College students


  • Hey there Alex,
    Wow I was pretty awed at the $42,419 number at a private college annually, that’s really expensive and a huge money down wasted.

    I used to look up to those expensive numbers when I was a kid as they look like very expensive and cool but as I grow older, I realised that I was burdening my parents with heavy funds and the thought of spending that much without making any money in return in outrageous.

    I wished I could turn back time and start my Online Business and read this article of yours, at least I could have lessen my parents’ burden. I hope you can help other college students get their life right with this article, cheers!

    • Hey Riaz, I couldn’t agree less at the college fees being outrageous nowadays. Worst of all, there are no signs of change in the near future. Secondly, no college education allows you to really earn while you learn in that subject, which is something to think about. However this is exactly what my # 1 recommendation on this site allows you to do and at a very affordable rate. They also provide a host of services free of cost to premium members which otherwise would have cost hundreds of dollars. A new addition that I must add is the FREE SSL now being provided to premium members, which in itself would cost a lot otherwise. All this for just $49 a month with the option of trying it FREE for the first 7 days. No cards required!
      Like you I wish I had found this opportunity much before I actually found it but it’s never too late!


  • Hey there! I found your article very helpful to me. I’m a college student and I’m looking for a job. After I read your article, you mentioned that affiliate marketing is a good job. I heard good things about affiliate marketing but my only problem is that I only have limited money to spend. Do you think that this is a good job for me given my situation is right now? I greatly appreciate your response.

    • Hey John, Affiliate marketing is a good option to start an Online business at low cost; by that I mean one of the lowest you would need for a business. Affiliate marketing saves you a lot of time and money investment compared to a regular bricks and mortar business. There are other forms of Online income sources like survey sites or PTC but the will not make you a full time income. Marketing physical products you own requires investment too. Hence Affiliate marketing is the safest and easiest option as it gives you a commission for products sold without physically owning the product and without having the worry to deal with after sales service or customer support.
      To know more in detail with stats and graphs you can read my article –

  • Do you really think this platform is for college students? College students have a full class load and have a lot of work on their hands as it is. I take my job with WA serious and It has been months working full-time and have not made any money yet. Most college kids need to have money right away and cannot be working without pay for over a year!

    • Hi Kurtis, Like you rightly said, WA is only for those who want to take the online business seriously and thus it may not be for every college student.

      How soon you can make money will depend on various factors from niche selection to the amount of time spent. There are many at WA including myself who do this after having a regular job which stretches beyond the 9 hours and as such time has to be made for business. This may involve some sacrifices.

      On the topic of money it could be very subjective however Affiliate marketing done with WA offers a very low cost alternative for anyone including college students at just $49/month. In the example of Kyle, one of the co-founders of WA, he started his business while in college by borrowing money from his girlfriend.

      So you can never say what you can achieve if you start this while in college. I sincerely wish I had started this long ago.


  • I guess with so many students looking for part-time jobs for that well needed extra cash, online is definitely one of the best ways to work for it. Especially when students can stay at home or even work on laptops in their favorite coffee shops. 😉

    The US university fees are pretty expensive, so I can see why both students and also their parents would struggle to fund education and accommodation.

    I like the fact that Wealthy Affiliate gives students the opportunity to create successful affiliate marketing businesses and make money while they’re learning.

    Online education + affiliate marketing is a wise choice. 🙂


    • You are absolutely right Neil. Education is very expensive these days and the situation does not seem to be changing.

      Wealthy Affiliate and Affiliate marketing offer a very good option for students to pursue business in a legitimate way and also earn while they learn which is a unique opportunity that so few really offer.

      And $49 per month is a forgettable price compared to all other training programs out there as WA offers so many other benefits absolutely free for $49, e.g. free SSL, free weekly webinars, 24 x 7 site support, live community, free keyword tool and so much more in addition to the awesome, comprehensive and up to date training.

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