No Cost Business Start Up – Myth or Reality

No Cost Business Start Up – Myth or Reality


No Cost Business Start Up - Myth or Reality

No Cost Business Start Up – Myth or Reality


You must have heard the saying “it takes money to make money“. So can you really have a No Cost Business Start up?


It does take money to launch a business venture. However in the traditional sense it meant that you need a good sum of money to rake in more of it.


But things have changed. In today’s Internet Era that saying is no longer true!


You can easily have a Low Cost Business Start Up, with negligible costs, making it almost – No Cost Business start up (with little money to spare).


Traditional businesses cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to start. They require a lot of operational planning, employees, professional services, and other operational expenses.


Another huge investment, depending on your business, could be in customer support or after sales!


Then there is the risk of losing your investment. This is subject to how the economy is doing, changes in world markets, natural disasters, personal health, etc.


So how if you found a business that could cost you much less than a traditional business minus all the above mentioned risks.


That is the beauty of Affiliate Marketing!


Have a look at the graphs below to see the difference in cost between traditional businesses and Affiliate marketing.

No Cost Business Start Up - Myth or Reality

Cost of starting an offline business

No Cost Business Start Up - Myth or Reality

Cost Of Starting An Online Business (Outside WA)

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One problem though is that when you start to research the internet about affiliate marketing you are bombarded with a ton of info. It is very easy to get overwhelmed in this vast matrix of information pool.


Not to mention a ton of scams that you will be sucked into promising to make you a millionaire in a year, etc. – Ever heard of the shiny object syndrome! As humans, we are all prone to it; jumping from one program to another promising us huge returns.


No doubt there are a lot of genuine internet gurus out there selling stuff however they might charge you a bomb to enrol. This could be a risky proposition for you if you have not understood the basics of Affiliate marketing and jump on to advanced stuff.


So then what exactly do you need?


It is a training program:

  • That teaches you the basics right up to the advanced level.
  • While allowing you the opportunity to make money as you go along,
  • Has a great 24/7 support system,
  • Technical Support and
  • The ability to try the system for free before you make the decision to pay for it – No cards required to join, just your name and email address.


Most training programs ask you to join by paying a handsome amount of money in the hundreds if not thousands of dollars with a lot of upsells along the way. They give you a trial period during which you can ask for a refund if you are not satisfied.


But what if you have a program that allows you to try it first and should you decide to stick with it then you can go ahead and pay for it.


That is why my number one recommendation for anyone who would like to learn and try Affiliate Marketing business would be a system that allows all of the above benefits for the most competitive price.


The name of such an institution is the WEALTHY AFFILIATE University!


Have a look at the graph below that shows you the difference in cost to learn and practice Affiliate Marketing at the Wealthy Affiliate University.

No Cost Business Start Up - Myth or Reality

Start Up Cost For Online Business With WA vs Others


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