How to Easily Find a Profitable Niche for Affiliate Marketing?

How to Easily Find a Profitable Niche for Affiliate Marketing?

How To Easily Find A Profitable Niche For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online. However, once you take the plunge in to the world of Affiliate marketing, the first hurdle that hits you is, How to Find a Profitable Niche for Affiliate Marketing?

Usually I suggest to pick an area of your interest or hobby. As you are already passionate about it, you will be able to do a good job with it. Or pick a product you like using yourself and can do a good job promoting. Or a problem you know how to deal with from experience, so you can provide helpful solutions.


Having said that you also need to make sure that the area you pick is profitable. More of that coming in the article below.


What is a Niche in Affiliate Marketing?Sub Niche Segmentation


Niche in simple terms is a segment of consumers in the market who need a specific product or service.


For example, Sports is a very broad market, however a niche would be targeting consumers for Sports Wear. That too is broad. In order to succeed at Niche marketing, you need to have laser focussed sub niches. In this example a sub niche would be, sports shoes, jerseys, etc..


Other example would be Fashion. Broken down in sub niches based on demographics like fashion for men or women, it could be further broken down into Hair grooming or Make-up, etc.. You get the drift, right!


3 things to keep in mind while selecting a niche.

1. Like I suggested earlier it is better to select an area of interest, or something out of experience, like a problem you can solve. This is because you will be able to write good quality content which is a must to drive traffic to your site. You would have good knowledge in this area. However this is not a compulsion!


2. You can also select a profitable niche in which you do not have much expertise or interest. You can do research to gain knowledge in that area as you go along promoting that niche.


3. Most important thing to keep in mind is that the niche should be focussed rather than being too broad. Reason: Broad niches have too many competitors in search engines and it will be very difficult to out-rank them and get traffic to your site. Also these are well established sites with higher Domain Authority and as a beginner you will find it difficult to compete with them.


Focussed Niches are easy to rank for!

Although Search engines will not rank you overnight. But when they consider you as an established site and you will see your rankings soar.


Remember – Selecting a small laser focussed niche is important as it gives you the ability to become an authority in that area over a short period of time. Becoming an expert in a small segment is easy and will help you build trust. Think of it like being a Big Fish in a small pond not the other way around.


How to make Money with a given Niche?Make Money with Niche Marketing

That’s the main question and the reason you are reading this article. Once you start getting ranked on page 1 of google you will start getting traffic. This happens when your site has good domain authority and your articles, good page authority in the eyes of the search engines. That is why you need to write good quality content based on thorough research.


You can also get traffic through Social Media. Once visitors start liking your articles they start being engaged and trust you. This will encourage them to buy products advertised on your site. Yes! that’s how you will make money.


You will put up ads, specifically to your niche, or provide links in your article to your recommended products. When you visitors use these links to Amazon or any other ecommerce site you will earn commission through the affiliate program you signed up with these companies.


Imp tip – Remember NOT to put up ads of products Unrelated to your niche just because they are offering you a good commission. This will put off your visitors as they came to your site with the expectation of finding related products. Your site may lose trust and visitors.


Also remember not to fill your site with a lot of affiliate links but only the ones you trust. You want your visitors to get quality products. Too many affiliate links may cause Google to think of your site as just one big promotional site and it may not rank you well.

What are some of the most popular niches?

Cooking, Healthy Eating, Health and Fitness, Weight Loss, Dating and Romance, Relationships, Video games, Clothing and Fashion, Computers, Accessories, etc. These are very popular due to high demand and evergreen nature. The competition will also be high but at a broader level.


The above niches are too broad and you would have to go into sub niches to be more targeted. For example, Indian recipes, Muscle building, Food for Diabetics, Laptop cooling pads, Engagement rings, Luxury watches, Baby care, Wedding gifts, Cool travel destinations, etc.


How should you go about choosing a Niche? Research your Niche.

Before selecting a sub niche you need to do research whether it gets enough traffic. To check this:

  • Go to Google AdWords – Tools and Analysis – Keyword planner.
  • Click Search for New keywords and Ad group ideas – Enter your selected Niche name – Click get ideas.
  • In the results, click the tab – Look for Keyword ideas.

You will see the results for Average monthly searches, Competition, Suggested bid and whole lot of keywords related to your Niche.


Needless to say that higher the Average Monthly Searches the better, as you will have opportunity for more visitors – Just be careful once again not to choose a broad niche with 20K searches as the competition will be very high. Something over 500 to 1K is good.


Lower the Competition the better as you can rank quicker.


Suggested Bid is something that merchants pay to advertise for that niche. Higher the bid the better, as it will be a profitable area. You may want to look for suggested bid which is more than 2.

Affiliate Marketing with Amazon

One last thing to do is head over to Ecommerce sites like Amazon, Clickbank, CJ, etc and look for products that are available in the Niche you have selected. Research the stats for these products like popularity, number of items available, Gravity of product on Clickbank which is basically how many sales this product gets, etc. Amazon Best Sellers section can also give you a lot of insight on a profitable niche.


Sign up as an affiliate with them, which is free. Then you can advertise the products in your niche, write articles around them, etc..


Remember – We are surrounded with profitable niches in our daily life. You just need to do a little bit of research to zero in on the one you want to promote. Any niche can be profitable if you have the zeal for it.


What is the best training program that teaches how to make money with a Niche?

The most challenging task that internet marketers face is to get the right training for Niche or Affiliate marketing All In One place and at the Right Price. There are many who claim to do so but come hardly close to my # 1 Recommendation. That too for a price which is much lower than the competition.


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