How To Avoid Affiliate Marketing Scams?

How To Avoid Affiliate Marketing Scams?How to Avoid Affiliate Marketing Scams


The Affiliate marketing industry is one of the best ways to make a long term passive income in the Online world. It can easily become you full time profession. Knowing that and the willingness of people to take the plunge, it has also become a breeding ground for guys with low moral conscience, taking advantage of unsuspecting newbies in the Affiliate Marketing Business. Hence, the question, “How to avoid affiliate marketing scams?” is a very important one for any newbie in this industry.


The Best Way to “Avoid an Affiliate Marketing Scam” is to Spot one.


Affiliate marketing scams were easy to pick earlier. Some of the common features of such websites were:
1. No way to contact them,
2. Product does not offer support and
3. Pay-To-Join Programs.


However things have changed and Scam artists are very careful to avoid the above methods to make their site look very genuine. Nevertheless there are still some common attributes that should clearly suggest to you that the program offered is a scam or not.


Let’s have a look at some of them below:


1. Outrageous claims to success

Most scams will start with outrageous claims to success. This is a well known way to hook anybody by appealing to their ambitions! There is nothing wrong with having high ambitions but it makes us vulnerable to anything that seems shiny and that’s what scam artists bank on.

Such appeals usually come in the below statements:
“See how 1 homeless man went from $0 to $50,000+ monthly!”
“How 1 complete newbie in online marketing went from nothing to making 6 figures yearly!”
“Create a successful online business in 30 days OR LESS!”

2. Fake or scammy pictures and videos

If the website sales page has a fancy mansion, expensive car, etc. you know for sure that it is a scam! Scamsters use this for showmanship in order to win trust. Keep away at all costs!

3. No product or service

There are many such programs out there claiming to be affiliate marketing programs but the only method they teach is to promote their own program without any training or actual skills to be an affiliate marketer. These are basically pyramid like schemes which only make the founders and early birds rich and then suddenly one day they all disappear.

4. High ticket programs

A high cost program usually seems genuine to people as they doubt the quality of low cost trainings. They go on the premise that if it is expensive it must be worth that much. However the idea behind this for scam artists is that they would rather have 10 people pay $1000 than have get 1000 people to pay $10. Fewer people scammed also means fewer complaints.

Never be led to believe that because you are paying lots for something, it is going to be of higher value in the affiliate marketing industry.  Quite the contrary!  You are likely being scammed if you are paying several thousands for information in this industry.

5. Fake training – This one is difficult to catch initially!

Most newbie affiliates like to do a training course to get started in the industry. There will be hundreds of people trying to sell you a course, an e-book, a webinar and various other kinds of information.

Many of these training programs are often nothing more than a rip-off. But you won’t pick this initially. It will be made to look quite genuine however as you go ahead you will realise that at the most you have been given fluff and no real, actionable lessons.


One of the ways you will realise this is SCAM, is covered in the next point…

6. Constant upsells

Expert scam artists will hook you up with low cost sign up like $29. However without having taught you much they will start promoting upsells promising you higher returns or the way to have higher income potential. They will then start asking you higher prices like $359, $759, $1000+, etc. for additional features and trainings. You will be told that without these you can’t earn much. Be careful when you see this, it is most definitely a SCAM!

7. Video only sales page

I almost fell for one of these. It is quite simple. There will be a great bait in the form of a video with a very persuasive sales message, telling you how much money you can make. At the end you will be asked to join for $100’s or even 1000’s or more with a limited time offer, post which, the cost is supposed to jump twice or thrice! If you come across something like this, it should be an easy pick for a SCAM!

8. Insider support

You will hear something like “2 Google insiders expose a loophole in system that generates $1,000’s” or “Learn from a Google insider the secret sauce to successful traffic generating $1000’s”. Yeah Right!

9. “No technical skills required” or “Made to sound Very Easy!”

“Simple 3 click process generates full time income for ANYONE”
“Effortlessly earn up to $5,000 monthly by answering SIMPLE surveys from home”Anything that is made to sound so easy and no skills required is definitely a SCAM. Real Affiliate Marketing requires some level of expertise and training before you can start making money online.


If you find any Affiliate Marketer or Affiliate Marketing training or Program promoting one or more of the above mentioned features, then it most probably is a SCAM!


One suggestion – Investigate the founders. If you are NOT able to OR find bad reviews about them then you can be damn sure that it is a SCAM!


Simply put, like in any con game, they first have,
1. Bait (Make fancy website) —> Attract customer with fancy labeling —>
2. Hook: Give them a small snippet —> Get them to join —>
3. Scammed: Persuade you to buy $100-$1,000’s promising the real deal.


I was personally scammed by a very well known affiliate marketing scam, “Project Breakthrough”. I was about to fall for another, which was a Video only sales page, however I was saved when I read a scam review from one of the founders of a GENUINE Online Marketing Training Community.


There are many others out there like, Empower Network, Pure Leverage, Paid Survey sites, Zeek Rewards, multi level marketing companies, etc. You’ll be told it only costs a little bit to join and get all the benefits but then later find out you need to buy $100’s or even $1,000’s worth of products to actually learn anything.


You will be promised many income streams to be made easily, with video training of people hired to act as clients who earned so many thousand in a short span of time.


When you see any of this, run in the opposite direction!


However, “There Is Hope!”

Although there are a lot of scams in the affiliate marketing industry, there are also programs that will truly help you and your business.  The opportunity within the affiliate marketing space only continues to grow with each passing day.


The Only Legit Place I recommend – WEALTHY AFFILIATE!


The one place where you can learn Affiliate Marketing from the basics to the advanced level. None of the fluff!


No card required to join! Just try the program for free for the first 10 lessons and then decide whether you wish to pay for the remaining or just walk away!


No upsell either! None of the fancy cars!! No BS!!!


There are other genuine training programs also however I have found that Wealthy Affiliate gives you “The Real Bang for the Buck” at just $49/m (Bonus: $19 if you decide to join Premium within 7 days of signing up for the free 10 lesson training). Remember No Upsells after that!


Click here to read the many benefits of Wealthy Affiliate. However, the one benefit that I want to mention in the context of Scams is – a large community of successful and experienced Online Marketers who you can reach out to. They can guide you regarding any program being a Scam or not. In fact you will become skilled at writing product reviews and an expert at detecting scammy products.


Do you have a story of an online scam you experienced? Please share it below! Let’s get as many people as possible aware of these fraudulent companies and put them out of business! Let’s make the Affiliate Marketing Industry a safe place for all of us.


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