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Getting Started – My Online Business Set Up


Getting Started with A Successful Online Business

Getting Started with A Successful Online Business

Want to know how to do Online Business? Tired of being scammed and looking for a legitimate way? Tired of struggling and failing to meet success in the Online Business world? Looking for a way to being financially independent? Never done this before?

If your answer is ‘YES‘ to any of these questions then your search has ended. In a few minutes, you will learn how to set up an Online Business that can generate a cash flow over a period of time and help you achieve your financial goals. So if you are really serious about this then I suggest you read to the very end.

First of all, you need a System in order to be successful. Most successful people had a system to make and market their product or brand in order to achieve success. For example, Henry Ford had automated the car manufacturing process with a production line which once set up would just keep rolling out the cars. This is now used by all car manufacturers.


3 Things Necessary For Success In Online Business

Help: It is awful being stuck at something but it is even more awful when you have no help. I am sure you know what I mean and just how frustrating would it be if that happens on your way to success in the Online Business.

Website: In order to succeed in the Online World you need a website. Without a website you can more or less forget about creating a successful online business. However, you do not have to worry as this has been made very easy, as you will find out when you read on. So hold on and don’t be bogged down.

Learn regularly and Practice: Success is a journey, not a destination. In order to succeed in today’s world, you need to keep on learning regularly as things are evolving so fast. Practice makes perfect, so you need to practice what you learned in order to be good at it.

I can show you how you can get the first 2 things mentioned above but the third is entirely up to you. So if you are ready to learn regularly and practice, then you are ready to have a successful journey in Online Business.


5 Steps To Start An Online Business


Pick a Niche: What is your passion? Something that you enjoy doing? It could be anything like pets, video games, cooking, traveling, sport, music, movies etc. You can pick this as your niche and create a website to write on topics related to this niche. Don’t worry about people being interested in your niche or not. It is said that 40 percent of all of the world’s population is on the internet and that makes roughly 2.8 BN people. So you will always find someone or the other being interested in your niche.

Domain Name and Hosting: You will need to pick a domain name which defines the niche you are picking and buy it. This is very easy so don’t worry about this either. Once you have bought your domain name you need to host it with a hosting company.

Create Website: Once you have created a domain name and hosted it, you need a website to place your content. This is made easy by WordPress as there are numerous free and beautiful looking websites to choose from. And you can create it in minutes. YES! You heard that right. And like I said it is very easy.

Content with Keyword: It is said that ‘Content is King’, with good reason. Content is what will help you get ranked in google (SEO). “Why is this important?”, because only when you get ranked will you get traffic to your website and ‘Traffic’ means ‘Money’. In order to make your content rank well, you need to learn how to use ‘Keywords’.

Marketing: Ever used Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, G+, LinkedIn, etc. I am sure you have either one or more of these. How about using them to market your website? It is easy and mostly free.

What makes Online Business Popular?

It is the low-cost investment model of the Online Business that makes this system very popular. Just compare it with a conventional business. You need a place to operate, know-how to create a product, employees, tools or machinery, computers, marketing plans, etc. all of which will cost you a lot of money and time, not to mention months or even years before you can break even.

In comparison starting and maintaining a Successful Online Business costs far less. Buying a Domain name, hosting a domain, creating a website is easy and at minimal affordable cost. Getting help from successful internet marketers can make all the difference. It is my endeavour that you get all the help and support you need to succeed online.


One Stop Shop – My Number 1 Recommendation – Wealthy Affiliate

Doing all of the above by yourself can be a daunting task in itself and without ready help and support you could be spending hours getting things to work especially if you are stuck (know that horrible feeling).

Hence I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. It is One Stop Shop for buying domains, hosting domains for free, creating free websites, free keyword tool to make your content SEO friendly, free training, free webinars, and a helpful community of successful Internet Marketers to answer your queries or if you are stuck (queries get answered mostly within an hour if not minutes no matter what hour of the day).

I would suggest you first join as a Starter member here at No Cost! Yes you heard that right. No Cards required in joining Wealthy Affiliate, just your name and email address.

Once you have registered and set up your account you will be given free training of 10 lessons to help you get your Online Business started. At the end of the 10 lessons, you have a choice to sign up for the advanced level (Premium Member) if you wish. Even if you don’t, you can continue to remain a Starter Member as long as you wish (Still, no card required).

Free Starter Membership includes:

  • 2 Free Websites.
  • Training on how to use WordPress.
  • Website Back-up.
  • Video walkthroughs.
  • Personal Affiliate Blogs.
  • Affiliate program.
  • 1 on 1 coaching for first 7 days.

The training that is provided is short and easy to understand even for those of you who are not tech savvy.


What It Is Not

Wealthy Affiliate does not teach you a ‘Get Rich Quick Scheme’. Instead, it focuses on creating an Online Business the right way. It does this by teaching you how to create an online real estate for yourself. Once this is done, and it is done over a period of time, mind you, then you will start reaping the rich rewards for all the time and effort you put in.


Still Not convinced, then read the success stories of individuals who did it the right way at Wealthy Affiliate and are successful Online Marketers today.



Get started by clicking on the picture below and join me on the inside of Wealthy Affiliate. Your Online Success awaits you!

Getting Started with Wealthy Affiliate

Getting Started with Wealthy Affiliate



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