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CB Passive Income 4.0 2017 Review – Scam or Legit

CB Passive Income 4.0 2017 Review – Scam or Legit


Name: CB Passive Income 4.0
Price: $47/mo or $97 one time fee + upsells
Overall Rank: 3 out of 10


So today at YourOnlineBusinessTutor we will be reviewing the CB Passive Income 4.0 by Patrick Chan. I have been getting a lot of emails from Patrick Chan lately regarding his CB passive income 2017 license 4.0.

Who is Patrick Chan? He is a Malaysian based Internet Marketing guru who claims to earn you easy money, passive income without doing much.

CB stands for Click Bank as he promotes a lot of Click Bank products.

According to him all you need is to join his program and he will do everything for you in the background so you have a cloned version of his entire business model. All you got to do is to promote his secret webpage.

I will do everything for you! REALLY??? Sounds to good to be true, doesn’t it? In one of my articles on detecting Affiliate marketing SCAMS I advise all my readers that, ‘if it sounds too good to be true’ then it surely is.

So let’s review in a piecemeal way what Patrick has to say.

How Does This System Work?

Step 1 – You are given a pre-created squeeze page (secret webpage) ready to go and you must drive traffic, (paid or otherwise) to this squeeze page that will collect email addresses in exchange for an enticing offer.

Step 2 – Patrick then adds your subscribers to a list and sends them sales motivated emails.

Step 3 – If one of your subscribers buys a product from Patrick, you earn a commission.


This indeed sounds very easy and so you sign up for his offer at $47 per month or at $97 one time fee and he will provide you with a secret webpage that you can promote. He claims a product or program such as his would actually cost up to $3500 – $5000 if you had to do it on your own by hiring copywriters, technicians, SEO experts, etc.

He will then market his product and other Click Bank products to this email list obtained by the promotion you did of his squeeze page.

This whole program raises a few questions:

First – why would he sell it for only $97 one time fee when it would otherwise cost between $3500 – $5000. Patrick says he wants to help other people who are struggling just like him when he started. This is a common strategy to lure people in to buying something. If you don’t have money to pay $97 upfront then you pay $47 per month. How is that helping? That is just a way to force you to pay $97.


Second – Patrick says that you got to do nothing and makes it sound so easy. But in fact this is Not True! Ever wondered how you are going promote this secret webpage to people. You won’t get any free traffic from google. You may want to promote it to your friend list. You may want to do solo ads which is going to cost more money or you could do social media marketing. All of which will needs time and effort. This is not easy!


Third – He gets the list of emails from this secret page (squeeze page) that he will use to promote products. Interested people will give their email address in order to get the freebie.

So is he doing all the work for you or are you working for him by getting him an email list. Well you are helping him get an email list absolutely free which will be his for the rest of his life. Just imagine even if you are able to get a small email list of a few thousand people but put together he will get a big list of few hundred thousand from all his joinees. So you are doing the hard work of promoting his webpage to get him an email list for free and also paying him $97 for it.


FourthWhy should people buy? For people on an email list to buy, they need to Trust you. They need to be engaged with you. Have a look at what Dom Wells from H.P.D. recently said in his article How Selling Less Sells More on Niche Hacks about the Affinity pyramid.

Just like Maslows Pyramid of Needs in Affiliate Marketing there is what he terms as the Affinity Pyramid where at different stages your readers get engaged with you at different levels of trust. It is at the 3rd or the 4th level that they would trust you enough to buy from you.

Levels in Affinity pyramid:

a. Casual Audience
b. Active Audience
c. Engaged Community
d. Raving Fans

So all this is not something which is going to happen with a push of a button but involves work.

In order to make sales your marketing efforts have to be laser focused. This means that you need to know what your customers want to buy from you.

Example: When you have an email list generated from a site that is about ‘Making money Online’ you know what exactly you should be recommending them. You would normally recommend stuff on ‘Making money online‘ or thereof. Even with that, statistics reveal that the chances of making a sale are only 3%.

Just imagine you are trying to sell a whole bunch of CB products to a list you know nothing about. How much do you now think will your chances of making a sale. Like I said before, in a laser targeted list as well your chances are only 3% so in a list which is not targeted your chances of making a sale are virtually zero to none.

This is what one of my peers Riyaz had to say in his article on CB passive income. He enlisted for it in CB passive income 2.0 and in 14000 solicited emails the number of sales, ZERO.

Yes that’s right. So you can imagine your chances of making money with this so called ‘push button’ or ‘turn key’ system is nothing but ‘send and pray’.

At the end of it you will be spending a whole lot of money for virtually nothing.


After being in Affiliate marketing I have realised it is not an easy task to sell. In fact ‘selling less is like selling more’. You need to first of all have a real estate online, which is your website. Secondly you need to build trust and engagement with you readers by helping them with their problem.

Only once you do that are they going to buy from you. If what Patrick says is true then everyone can make a lot of money without putting much effort.

Personally this is how I would rate his product 3 out of 10. Although it may not be a SCAM, it is not something you can really build a sustainable business on.

Patrick Chan had two other releases before. Those were CB passive income 2.0 in 2015 and CB passive income 3.0 in 2016. This one is CB passive income 4.0 in 2017.

I always wonder if he claims his programs are so successful each year then why does he need to launch a new one with more or less nothing new. I haven’t heard any affiliate marketers in the last 2 years speaking independently about success they met from his program. Yes he has a few testimonials on his website but you should know better.


Pros about his business model

The 2 good things about this program is that it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and you can try the program for $1 for 14 days post which you will be automatically charged $47. Secondly you don’t need to have an auto-responder and the pre made sales emails are sent automatically by his team for you.

The other thing which is helpful is that you don’t need to build a squeeze page to collect email addresses. However that being said it really is not a good thing.

You have learnt nothing of building a business online at the end of it all. Building a website and squeeze pages are really easy to do and if you can promote his secret page to people you can easily do it yourself and promote your own products rather than CB products which are usually shady. That way you can always maintain your credibility.

Want to learn how to build a REAL Successful business online. Then click here to find out more about this number one recommended training by many Online marketers.

Unlike CB passive income, you can join for free (No card required) for 7 days with premium access. Thereafter if you don’t want to proceed you can just walk away or stay as a regular member. You will not be charged anything as you have not submitted your card details. Read more about it here.


If you have already tried CB passive income 4.0 do let me know your opinion on it.




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