12 Tips On How To Succeed At Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

12 Tips on How to Succeed at Affiliate Marketing for Beginners


Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing whereby the marketer earns commissions from sales originating from his / her blog or website. There are 3 parties; the customer, the affiliate marketer and the seller. What draws people to Affiliate marketing is it’s low cost How To Start With Affiliate Marketing & Catapult Your Careerset up and being free from hassles of manufacturing a product or creating a service or providing after sales service. This makes it very attractive for people to start with Affiliate marketing. Having said that it is no different from any other business and failing to treat it that way is planning to fail. No wonder most new affiliate marketers (over 90%) fail at Affiliate Marketing. Want to know how to succeed at Affiliate marketing as a beginner.

Only a small percentage of new affiliate marketers go on to succeed and do really well. They follow the 12 basic rules mentioned below to make sure they don’t fail.

1. Run it like a business

Do it like you would run a brick and mortar business. Most people start with affiliate marketing as if to see how it goes. They say to themselves, “If it does not go well, I can always walk away”. This attitude springs from the fact that it is very easy and low cost to start with affiliate marketing. However it is not that easy to succeed at Affiliate marketing and I am sorry to disappoint you because most people fail at affiliate marketing due to this attitude.

Affiliate marketing requires persistent and consistent hard work. Success is not immediate if that’s what you are looking for. You won’t start earning a ton of money in a week or so. True, Affiliate marketing set up will cost you very less however if you want to succeed with it then you need to think of it like any other business venture you would start. Just think if you have to invest $100000 then would you be, “okay, let’s see how this goes”. I don’t think so. But that’s the same kind of attitude you need if you want to succeed at Affiliate marketing.


2. Focus on One niche first – especially if you are a beginner

This is the most common mistake new affiliate marketers make. They think if they can make so much money from one niche then I can make so much more or X times more if I begin with multiple niches. However when you are starting out you are prone to make mistakes.

You will also make X times the errors if you are starting out with multiple niche sites. My recommendation would be to start with one laser focussed niche site. Once you start making decent profits and know that you have learnt the ropes, then is the right time to move on to more niche sites.


3. Own the products you marketHow To Easily Find A Profitable Niche For Affiliate Marketing

It is important that you own the products you are promoting. You can’t really promote something if you don’t really know how well it works. To me this is very important as you can truthfully suggest to your site visitors how good the product is. Also as the owner of the product you will be able to give a more truthful picture of the product compared to someone who has not used it. This will create more appeal in your article as it will sound original and generate trust in your readers.


4. Proper training – This is a make or break thing when it comes to succeeding at affiliate marketing.Affiliate Marketing Training

And as newbie affiliate marketers it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the information that there is on the internet. Biggest problem is that there are a lot of SCAM product circulating on the internet that claim to teach you how to make millions of dollars etc. It is very easy to fall for it and so have many successful internet marketers when they started. The one place to get a comprehensive and up to date training is right here.


5. Focus on one core marketing strategysocial media marketing

You have Social media, PPC, Ezine advertising, Video, Media Buys, etc. You don’t have to be good at all of them. You just need to pick up one and become really good at it. This depends on the type of niche you have selected but make sure you don’t try to be good at all. It would serve you better if you mastered one of them. Once you are really good with one, then you can look at trying another.


6. Have a schedule – Do not multi task.

You won’t end up getting much done if you don’t have a schedule. Have different days set up for different things.Like Mon – KW research, Tue – Article writing, Wed – Learning, Thu – Tidying up your site and other maintenance, Fri – Going through email and checking out what my competition is up to.

Having a schedule is helpful for any business or work. It keeps you focussed only on the task at hand and you can get more done. If not you will end up being drawn in different directions and without achieving much.


7. Make wise product choicesAffiliate Marketing with Amazon

Product choice depends on two things: a. product quality & b. commission.
It is more important that you represent a good quality product. This is because your reputation as a marketer is attached to the products you promote.

For the products you have many affiliate networks that you can use to promote products depending on the commission they offer. There are quite a few like, Clickbank, Commission Junction, Link share, ShareASale, etc.


8. Be patient – Building a business online takes time.

It takes time to learn the right steps of building a business online. It takes time to build trust, takes time to build and audience, takes time to get site to an authority. So if you are expecting to build a site and start earning a ton of affiliate income in a month or two you can forget about it. I hate to put it so bluntly but that’s the cold fact.

Some of the things you do today will show results after weeks or even months. It takes approx. 12 months before you can start expecting results and that too if you have done all the basics right. Although in some cases it may be as early as 6 months as well that you start earning. It depends on various factors like the amount of content, the quality of the content, SEO, chosen niche, etc.


9. Add value before you ask for their business

You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.

-Zig Ziglar

No one likes to be sold. Your focus should be on helping people. Only then will they trust you and engage with you. So help others through your articles and in whatever way possible. Add value, before you ask for business and they will gladly give it to you.


10. Proper mind-set

You need to stay positive and also know that it is not going to be easy. You will need to have patience, be consistent, be persistent with it. You will feel like giving it up. But you need to work hard through it and press on towards your goal.

With this I want to highlight the importance of goal setting without which you are not going to achieve much. It is like being a ship without sails; you will be tossed in every direction. Stay focussed with goals and stick to them, without being drawn with every new shiny object that comes by.


11. Create valuable relevant content regularly

A lot of your success both with customers and SERPS will depend on how much content you churn out and also how relevant and valuable it is to your readers. Having irrelevant or useless information will cause you to lose trust rapidly both in the eyes of your customers as well as the SERPS.


12. Get the right people to support youTechnical Assistance and Peer Help

No one ever became successful all my himself or herself. You need support in order to succeed. Especially from other successful online marketers. Also technical assistance is of great help in times of issues in which only the pro’s can offer prompt support. Without these 2 forms of support you could take longer to succeed.


I hope you liked this article and it gave you a truthful picture of how to succeed at Affiliate Marketing as a beginner. So if you are up for the challenge then see my number 1 recommendation for learning all there is to about Affiliate Marketing.


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